Hari Sriskantha’s November ’13 Stand-Up Choices

Hari Sriskantha is an award-winning comedian who (being a full-time physicist) can measure the trajectory of a rising star better than most. In his first contribution to Edinburgh49 he provides his insight into what stand-up acts to look out for during November.

Daniel Sloss: Stand-Up (20:00, 6th November, Pleasance Theatre)

The new, hilarious show from comedy’s internationally acclaimed and award-winning half-man-half-Xbox, direct from his 6th consecutive sold out Edinburgh Fringe and hot on the heels of a massive year of live touring, television appearances and his debut DVD release. Support from Kai Humphries.

Robin Ince: The Importance of Being Interested (20:30, 10th November, The Stand)

Award-winning comedian and science enthusiast Robin Ince follows up his Happiness Through

Science show with a look at his favourite scientists — Charles Darwin and Richard Feynman. Find out why we have eyebrows, why bald dogs have bad teeth, how heavy metal music makes pigs deaf and why spaghetti snaps into four pieces. It is a loving look into the minds of two giants of human imagination who have changed our worldview. A night of spaghetti, barnacles and safe cracking.

The Saturday Show (21:00, 30th November, The Stand)

Five different acts on every bill including our top drawer resident comperes and the best headliners from UK and abroad. And we’re open from 7pm so you can take advantage of our lovely home-cooked food too! With Zoe Lyons, Keith Farnan, Rick Molland, Martin Bearne and host Raymond Mearns.

Grassroots Comedy (20:00, Every Tuesday, Pleasance Cabaret Bar)

Every Tuesday, Grassroots Comedy presents the very best in fresh, local talent as they perform in the famous Pleasance Cabaret Bar. A selection of new acts will entertain you alongside established names who’ll be giving new material a bash. Be part of it now – everyone starts somewhere!

The Improverts (10:30, Every Friday, Bedlam Theatre)

The Improverts is a long-running improvisational comedy troupe, produced by the EUTC. Various improvisation games based on audience suggestions give rise to a hilarious and unique show every time.

Hari Sriskantha is a part-time comedian & writer as well as being a full-time postgraduate physicist studying at the University of Edinburgh. Visit Hari’s homepage here.