Kickstarting the Edinburgh Fringe pt.2

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In the run up to this year’s Fringe Edinburgh49 is showcasing companies looking to crowdfund their shows using Kickstarter. In the last post we looked at Kat Woods’ Belfast Boy and Finn Anderson’s Alba; A Scottish Musical.

Toronto-born author Jason Hall has already achieved 116% funding from 93 backers for his show 21 Things You Should Know About Toronto’s Crack-Smoking Mayor. Hall has promised not to spend any of it on beer, but I’ll be offering to stand him a pint in August to get his take on who would win in a fight between Rob Ford and an Edinburgh tram.

The Anima Project

The Wrong Shoes Theatre Company’s The Anima Project is set in the future, where genetic screening is used determine a person’s place in society. The show uses experiential therapy to cure those with unfavourable genetic personality traits. Those who would otherwise be condemned to death or work-camps.

The Anima Project is an experiential promenade piece of theatre, which features music, dark comedy and horror.

Black is the Color of My Voice

Shanghi-based Apphia Campbell hopes to bring the life of Mena Bordeaux to Edinburgh. A successful jazz singer Bordeaux is seeking redemption after the untimely death of her father. During a three-day period of isolation without cigarettes, alcohol, or access to the outside world, she reflects on the journey that took her from a young piano prodigy destined for a life in the service of the church to a renowned jazz vocalist at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement.

Black Is the Color of My Voice has had three successful runs, two in Shanghai and one at New York City’s Midtown International Theatre Festival.

Click on the ‘K’ in the top left corner of each video to visit each show’s Kickstarter page.

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